Outage on the platform?

Hi, are there any problems on your end, our configurators do not work.


Could you provide a link to the configurator and/or to the shapediver model that is affected?

I tried many of my projects on the legacy platform and seems to me that any solution out of the catching system does not work.

try some unsolved combination.


It seems that the system was on an unusually high load in the past hour, resulting in longer than usual computations. It looks like it is back to normal, can you try again?

Confirmed, it’s OK now. Thanks :wink:

Do I have to worry about letting let say 30 people use a single configurator same time? Is there a general number that can cause the slowing down of the shared system? I understand that depends on general traffic, just want to be sure that we can run a workshop/public release with our app for employees of the customer.

The shared system is used by many customers who have public webshops running ShapeDiver models, the system is built to scale for these use cases. If 30 users send multiple compute requests for the same model at the same time, it is likely that request results start taking longer times to come back but computations will not fail.

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Hi there, I would like to ask if there is any known issue on the shared system, We are experiencing a significantly longer delay response when compared to the state two weeks ago.

Simply changes happen immediately, now we are waiting for 7-8 seconds even for cashed solutions.

Can you send a link to the ShapeDiver model that causes issues, so we can investigate?