Problem reference: 6185eb8d-797e-4c15-9a20-8d7ebe6490d0

I’m trying to re-upload a model, and it gives me a problem with the ref: 6185eb8d-797e-4c15-9a20-8d7ebe6490d0
Does anyone know what’s happening?


Your model contains password protected clusters, which are not allowed on ShapeDiver. You should remove the password protection or find alternatives to these.

That being said, these same password protected clusters seem to compute for quite a long time, which pushes your model above the limit for free accounts (5 seconds).

Finally (and my guess is that it’s the main problem), you are sending Breps to the display components, and since those Breps are very complex, they are converted into huge meshes (~1 million vertices). At the moment, all meshes bigger than 65536 vertices have to be reduced before sending results to the viewer, and the operation usually takes a while and sometimes seems to fail. I suggest you convert your breps to meshes manually and make sure to limit the resulting mesh size.

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