Bridge - Problem with edge selection

I wanted to practice joining the 3 SubD tubes together with the Bridge command.

I started the Bridge command, but then I could not select the edges even the prompt tell me to.

If I select the edges before the command, the selections disappear when I start the command.

What am I missing?

Best regards

P.S. Hope I can attach the file.

Well, where is the button to attach the file?

Oh, here it comes - I hopeTubes - Training.3dm (74.5 KB)

bridge only works on open edges.

The actual edges are those at the end of the open tubes.
I can easily select them before I start the command, but they disappear when I start Bridge.

well, they are not open which explains that it does not work. you have to delete those faces in order for it to work.

Aarghh. You are right. Wonder why I didn’t see that.
Thank you!

Well. The end caps are clearly visible when in shade mode. In wire mode, I cannot see them and I cannot select them in any way.

:yawning_face: so what are you waiting for, go and delete them already.

I did. I just wondered that they are not visible in wiremode.


yes i noticed, it is not very handy that way. did you try to tweak the display settings for subd in wire? not on my puter now but will check when i get to it, wanted anyway.

Don’t they work on faces too?

so i checked back, yes there actually is an indication in this case it is the crease setting. on your screen shot it is only very subtle you can increase the thickness and change the color of the creasing.

here on the left the cap has been removed.

you select it just like any other sub object with ctrl shift just in this case you have to make a selection box around it.

what did you mean by they? display modes?

Bridge - I believe you can add face as input.

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it seems so, but trying that it revealed some sort of bug (mac rhino) having kind of creased edges. do you see the same?

Thank you.