[BUG] Subselect Edge with example

Hi guys,
this is something I have seen for years but never gotten around to report.
Sometimes when I edge modify a box (Shift-Ctrl select the edge and use Gumball to move up and down) I encounter situations where Rhino suddenly don’t want to select an edge any more.

See file and try to subselect the edge:
SelEdge bug.3dm (193.8 KB)

This happens when in RENDERED MODE only as far as I can see. Shaded works fine.
This happens in both V6 and V7.

To work around the issue I use the MoveEdge command. BUT this isn’t a good workaround because then I can’t also select other objects to move at the same time.

Please see if you can figure it out.

In the process please also add a wish for a SelEdge command that works just like subselecting but that filters out any other objects and that also works with “shift-drag-rectangle-selection” (in lack of a better word)


Hi Jorgen - edges can be selected in any mode (here) that displays them, and not if the mode is not set to show edges.

SelectionFilterEdges should help with the second request…?


Hi Pascal.
Edges can be selected in rendered mode even with them turned off.
Which is great, but sometimes objects won’t let that happen. That’s why I report this :slight_smile:
But I see that If I make a box and edit one edge:

Then the next time I try it selects only one of the faces.

Please try for your self.

Hi Jorgen- I tried it, of course… here, I can never sub-object-select edges if they are not displayed in the current mode.


Not even on a new box?
None the less I want it though :smile:
and since subselecting surfaces is possible edges would be smooth too.
Modelling in rendered with no curves visible is often a good design /evaluation scenario.

Hi Jorgen - I am being a bit sluggish about this one, enthusiasm wise - I assume this is designed behavior matching Rhino’s general reluctance to be able to interactively select what you cannot see. I could easily see this could come back to bite us where this ca , currently, be used as a sort of selection filter. You cannot select top level objects - say curves - if they are not displayed in that vp.


Well, you can select subD edges, mesh faces and vertices in V7 if SubD edges are not visible.

And I can on all my machines select the edge of a new box with Shift-Ctrl-LMB in rendered if those edges are not drawn either. (But I can only alter it once, then it turn into a polysurface and is no longer an extrusion object, so that might be the case here.)

Please look at it once more, all I wish for is consistency so I can model efficiently in the display mode I prefer :slight_smile:

Maybe the bug is that I CAN select a box edge once though… do you have extrusion objects turned off?

Indeed that is so… I can’t tell if that is by design or an oversight since until recently there has not been much one can do with mesh edges and SubD inherited the behavior - my guess - but I am ‘investigating’… (= ask people smarter than me)
First reaction from Jeff was that it is a bug, but then again maybe not…
RH-61032 Sub-object selection and visibility


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:smiley: Thanks man!

Oh, and here is a 4 second render of a WIP to lighten up this thread:

(minor edit: the blinker had to be a bit yellower)

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So nice… I so like my 120s to have the right license plate too… hmm -150? I’m going with 150.

Yes, beauty is in the details as they say… and yes, it’s a XK150 build.
It’s just the front (so far) so they Leaper has an environment around it. Wouldn’t mind having the time to do the rest though…

I cannot find (quick look around) an image of an XK with the leaper… you are freelancing there , right?


You are right, they are few, and this is the image that started the build, it was only after searching for more reference photos I discovered it was more common with out it:

It’s a beautiful thing. Nice work on the model & rendering.


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Thanks, it’s actually dead simple… just one, large, overhead rectangular light and no environment HDRI + a backdrop.