Breps from rhino inserted as structural columns in revit

I’m trying to insert the columns inside of Rhino into Revit, but if I bake them as just a Brep they are no individually editable and are not saving as columns. Any suggestions?

The other 5 masses are sheer walls, but if they are imported into Revit as columns it will be fine.

It depends on how the elements should be organized into Revit.

See in this guide about creating elements in Families: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Take note of the Graft Symbols after the geometry filter and the Sub-category component. This lines each Brep as a separate element within a family.

Here is another example, but here one column is created and then an instance of each column is placed at each location. From a BIM perspective this would help schedule a column schedule if they were the same type of column: Column along curve

Does this understand how you might want to create the columns?

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Yeah I think the first solution is more what I’m after. It’s just for a school application so the idea is to throw the columns in Revit and the only real functionality I want to have is to be able to move them individually once in Revit and hide them when I hide the columns category.