Hosting elements like doors on Breps from Rhino

I’m looking to do all of my modelling in Rhino (walls, windows, floors, facade, etc) and then add other elements (doors, stairs, annotative elements, etc) in Revit. Right now I’m importing everything from Rhino into Revit as DirectShapes and i’m specifying the category those shapes belong to (so the breps from Rhino are being recognized as walls in Revit. However, Revit is not letting me host elements like doors on this walls (or letting me do anything with them, really).

What is the optimal workflow in this instance? Would I have to do something like deconstruct the brep, taka the centre line, and use that as the path for a native wall family? Or is there a way for me to use breps straight from Rhino and have Revit recognize those as elements that can be used for hosting families, etc?

Im using Rhino 8 RH5

To create native Revit Elements via the Revit API (which is what RiR is doing) we use the methods provided. To create walls we can create by curve for instance. A centerline of a brep is only part of the information needed, the wall type is going to need to match as well.

How you want to control your RiR workflows needs to consider who and how updates are going to be made, along with the objectives (deliverables)