Revit roof from Brep help

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I have just tried Rhino.Inside for the first time, and not a Revit expert at all, but what I was hoping to do is to export a Rhino solid/brep roof object as a Roof element in Revit that can host families and in general behave as a Roof type.
Pretty quickly I was able to do “something” that even lets me host skylight windows families on, but seems like it is not 100% working - original Revit roof would punch an opening through the roof where the window is placed vs. my Rhino.Inside roof object does not get a hole in it. I may be missing something basic - any suggestion how to do it properly?

Here is the screenshot of what I described with the GH definition that helped to bring Rhino brep (shelled random slanted box, 3" thick) into Revit as Roof Type. Using AddDirectShape:

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@Jarek The elements created by AddDirectShape component in Revit model are called DirectShapes in Revit API. They are categorized just like any other Revit element however, they are pretty much open containers for custom geometry. With “Native” roofs, Revit will construct the geometry from the Roof instance and type data so it understands how the geometry and layers work and it can cut automatically. DirectShapes don’t get the native element features but they are pretty much the only way to bring elements with cutom geometry. Hope this makes the issue more clear.

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Thanks Ehsan, that definitely helps to understand better how these entities are handled by Revit.

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