Brep as "mass " in Revit through Rhino Inside

Hi everyone, I have got a question in regard to transferring brep/polysurfaces from Rhino to Revit as Mass categories . There is direct geometry or direct brep component but it does not specify it . Appreciate it if some one through ideas.

So, there are a few ways to do this. It depends how much flexibility is needed in Revit.

  1. Directshapes can be used. This if fast and is great for quick models
  2. Families can be created for each mass and forms and subcategories can be made. This is a bit more involved, but creates Forms in Revit which can be edited by Revit in certain cases.

Here is the general definition:

The steps across that definition:

  1. Use Elefront to find all the Objects on a layer in Rhino. You could use a Brep Param picker to select the Rhino objects at this point.
  2. Then Using the Grasshopper Add Geometry as Directshape component add the Breps to Revit in the correct category with a material if you would like.
  3. The far right of this definition adds a new common parameter to the objects so that View Filters can be used to change the graphics if needed.,

Here is a video on doing with Directshapes:

And another video on using Families/Types to do this:

Might any of this work?

Thanks Scott, , both options are working in my case.