BRepBuilder cannot assign edge geom & Method not found error

I’m having some issues with the latest version of Rhino8 with some relatively simple geometry. I stuck to all the best practices, set my unit tolerances, rebuiltedges on all the surfaces and checked for open edges. The geometry looks great in Rhino but won’t work in Revit, I’m getting the errors below:

I also checked for small edges, did a wireframe and then measured the edge length, everything is greater than 1/32"/

In general the newest release seems to be a hit or miss when it comes to getting geometry from rhino into revit. I posted another issues trying to bring in a simple sphere. New Component - issue with untrimmed surfaces - Rhino.Inside / Revit - McNeel Forum

I’m attaching the file as well for reference.

Bathroom Shower-Brizio-Invari.3dm (951.9 KB)



Yes, we have that as a current issue, thanks for reporting.