Reference Revit Geometry Edge


I worked succesfully with the Rhino insight Revit in September but updated the Rhino WIP and Revit plugin release today which causes problems while referencing geometry now.
When I select some geometry with the geometry or edge parameter in the the project it causes an error which causes GH to stop working until I close all documents. The edge select component does not seem to work at all on the project level.

Also components from the definitons from September don’t show up anymore when loaded now!

Do I miss out something here?
I would be very glad for any hint to solve this issue.


Did you unblock the plugin?

The RhinoInside.Revit.msi file has no unblock option!?

I use Revit 2017 - is causing errors? The sample files are asking for Revit 2019…


Sorry about that.
Is fixed in the last build, please update to latest.


Thanks for looking into it. I installed the lasted release but still I have trouble referencing the geometry or edge of this beam which worked before!?

I’m unable to read the message in your screenshot.
May you do an screenshot only around the error message?
It looks like you are using a HiDPI screen and discourse doesn’t like high resolution images.

Here is a better screenshot:

Hi again,

I did a change that hopefully should fit this.
Could you please update and confirm me if fixes on your side.


Hi, thanks for looking into the topic!

The referencing in general works now. Geometry reference works but for Model Lines for example the TAB button to select connected lines or objects does not work only one by one.

Referenced Beam - all edges right:

The Edge reference works too but here is the issue now that it does not allow to select the entire edge of a connected beam and TAB is not working either. Only bit by bit the edge can be selected and only it the obeject is isolated.

Connected beam:

Connected beam isolated - short edge:

Connected beam isolated - long edge:


I just switched to Revit 2019 - the issue with the selection of sub-edges instead of the whole edge does not seem to be the case compared to Revit 2017.


I hope there is an easy fix for my problem. I’m trying to use rhino.inside for the implementation of grasshopper in Revit. Unfortunately, I can not set Revit edges as params in grasshopper. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Fyi: I’m using Revit 2018. Thanks a lot

Hey @ZweiP
This is a bug that was introduced by the last change related to keyboard shortcuts. A fix has already been provided and will be pushed with the Rhino WIP update tomorrow. Please download and install new Rhino WIP and Rhino.Inside versions tomorrow and it should fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:


The fix is available.
As @eirannejad said you will need to update Rhino WIP and Rhino.Inside Revit.

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Tested the new Rhino WIP and Rhino.Inside.Revit versions and shortcuts works as expected. The select element issue has also been fixed.