New Component - issue with untrimmed surfaces

I posted another issue with the geometry kernel / import into Revit. BRepBuilder cannot assign edge geom & Method not found error - Rhino.Inside / Revit - McNeel Forum

I’m not sure if this should all go into one topic or if I should report a bug? I’m using the latest build. I think there are some larger issues with the latest build since its having trouble with simple geo, like a sphere, and other simple geometry which passes all the tests, short edge test, no manifold or naked edges etc.

The Method not found error seems to indicate that something was broken by the team in the latest release? Something renamed, a method deleted? I’m getting that same set color method error which might be triggering other issues like cannot assign edge.

Can you have the team take a look? If this is indeed an issue in breaks any workflow involving bring Rhino geo into Revit in the latest daily build which is of course a core function. This does not appear to be a user geometry issue unless I’m missing something.