Brep builder error


I’m creating a new component family and I am getting an error “BBrepBuilder cannot assign edge geometry for edge 4”. The geometry I am feeding in is a bunch of surfaces. So my question is:

  1. What is causing the issue? Could it be that the face is so small that it is under Revit’s tollerances?
  2. How do I identify what edge 4 is? I can see a preview of it in Rhino but I need a way to integorate the Grasshopper geometry so that I can address the issue upstream.

Hi Paul,

These are best handled manually, rather than trying to rebuild all your surfaces to Revit tolerances via grasshopper script.

Please see our guide on tolerances for additional information.

How do I fix it if I don’t know where the problem is (or even what the problem is)? The error message really should be more descriptive.

You can use Add Brep DirectShape to trigger a conversion from Brep to Solid.
This component gives more accurate errors and highlight in orange the conflicint edges.

We can add same kind of error treatment to New Family in the future.

Here are some recommendations for fixing bad objects, not 100% relevant to Revit tolerances but may be helpful. Fixing Bad Objects [McNeel Wiki]