Brep/Brep Error

Hi guys, im trying to cut the following brep witgh the sphere that I’ve made, but somehow it only cut several panels, and the other panels left in an opened curve. is there any solution for this? thank you
Truss (32.5 KB)


Your geometry is not internalized.

I think there is a data tree mismatch there, try to add Trim Tree.
Hard to be sure without data.

My bad, this is my internalize gh files,

i added the trim tree but it still doesn’t work, with trim solid I’m able to make the hole but I’m not able to get a whole joined curve.
Truss (53.9 KB)

What are you referring to as


Because if I bypass the List Item, I get 832 circles which seems correct.

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Yeah, Teddy is right. Just use graft

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Thank you guys for the help, i think the problem is due to my limited understanding about data tree. Is there any rule of thumb or thread about this sort of data management? Thank you

This is a good and complete reference :

Basic rule that you have to keep in mind : if you give multiple trees to a component, they HAVE to match structure. That means (at least) same amount of branches, (better) same branches numbering, (ideally) same amount of items in each branch.
You can create repetitions by associating structures of different strengths (tree/list, tree/item, list/item). But different tree/tree is not an option.


Ah, i see now, thank you for the help and the references !!