Split Multibrep not working

Hi everyone,

I am trying to cut a brep with some surfaces through split multibrep component but it is not working. I think the data trees are correct but I am not capable of seeing what I am doing wrong.

Can anyone take a look at that, I really appreciate it

Thank you in advance

Brep Cut.gh (893.2 KB)

Input geometry is not internalized in the file you posted.


True…Now it is corrected

like this it works fine:
BrepCut_csrep.gh (900.5 KB)

I’ve seen the same problem and wasn’t really able to find the problem with the existing element. However, using c# and making them breps works fine.
I am not sure if it has to do with the fact that you plugged “surface” and “geometry base” to the element as it requires breps. Usually it gets converted automatically, but I don’t know more about it and this problem is indeed very suspicious. I got a working solution for you, but didn’t find the source of the problem.

Hope this workaround helps at least a bit.


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I found it very strange as well…I hope someone shed light on the issue.

Anyway, thank you for the solution, it works very well :slight_smile: