Trouble with Trim Solid


I’m having a bit of trouble with ‘trim solid’ in grasshopper. I have placed spheres at the joints of all the joints on the edge of a surface, but when I use trim solid, it fails randomly for a few spheres in various places (not pattern that I can detect):

I’ve confirmed that there is a sphere located there:

The script is not throwing any errors:

(and I’m reasonably certain that the trees are matching up for trimming because the other joints work, plus a few tests including flattened trimmers)

I’d be happy to share a file, but this one is a monster. Any thoughts why this might be failing? What obvious thing am I missing?

Thank you!

You could extract (internalize) just the significant portion of the geometry and post it.
Without file I would guess data mismatching. When you bake it and it works in rhino you can exclude a tolerance issue.

Hello Baris, thanks for the pointer, please see the attached internalized file. Are you able to run it? (warning, longish computation time) (913.2 KB)

I did a bake test and it was able to split the surface fine in rhino directly so it doesn’t seem to be a tolerance issue? I hope it isn’t a data tree mismatch, in the disabled component I flattened the cutters to completely sidestep this issue (but that takes even longer to run).


seems to work over here, in which branch do you have the problem? Maybe I ve overseen it.
Datastructure seem to be ok

I’ve pulled out one of the offending surfaces (branch {8}) as well as the sphere. I bumped up the size as well to make it easier to see. Please see the attached (916.6 KB)

I’m also getting some really surreal behavior in rhino now too. If I bake the spheres and surface, a split operation doesn’t work. But if I rotate the sphere in place, the split function starts working. What am I missing? File attached with a split fail and split success.BGC_Splitfail.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hi, ,I am not at a pc right now.the second behaviour you describe could be the seam of the sphere. Later I’ll check your file

That was it! Thanks so much. I added some random rotation to all the spheres and it worked great in both grasshopper and rhino.

Is the seam problem expected behavior? or should it trim across the seam?

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Instead of random rotating you could construct them the way the seam is always away the surface.just to be sure it works.