Inserting Data at lower branch in Tree

I’m new to grasshopper and am struggling with how to combing data trees based on lower levels.

In the attached gh file I have two collections of points --one with 3 branches and one with 5.

Collection 1
{0;0;0} N=360
{0;0;1} N=360
{0;1;0} N=360
{0;1;1} N=360
{0;2;0} N=360

Collection 2
{0;0} N=1
{0;1} N=1
{0;2} N=1

The five branches in collection 1 each consist of points along a separate semi-circular arc. Each of these arcs in turn fall on the path of one of three circles --membership in these circle groups is preserved in next level down.

The three points in collection 2 are the center points of these circles, each on its own branch. What I want to do is insert the correlated center point into the point list for each semi circular arc --then polyline to create a separate “pizza slice” one for each arc.

In short --what I want is for:
the point from {0;0} to be inserted into {0;0;0} and {0;0;1}
the point from {0;1} inserted into {0;1;0} and {0;1;1}
the point from {0;2} inserted into {0;2;0}

I tried grafting but this only gives me the {x;x;0} levels -which makes sense…
I’m sure this is a very basic question… any help appreciated!


data tree (42.4 KB)

This is one way to go but there would be other ways…

data tree (41.2 KB)

@HS_Kim: Thanks for this! Very helpful!

So in this case you repeated the information in center points list to match the number of semi circular sections in the other list… very clever!

This leads me to another problem --again apologies if this is a basic question -I want to use [Trim With Brep] to trim circles. I have a list with three circles. And I have another list with five Closed Brep “pizza slice” shaped objects sorted into three branches that correlate to the three circles. How can I make all Breps on a branch trim the same corresponding circle?

In other words I want to get a circle with multiple chunks removed if there are multiple breps in the corresponding branch… using the “outside” function on [Trim With Brep]…

See attached file… again thanks for your help!

As a newbie to GH im still trying to wrap my head around all the different ways to manipulate data trees…

another data tree (52.7 KB)

Why don’t you use Trim With Breps instead?

another data tree (55.9 KB)

Ha, I just noticed that myself… was about to update here. Only problem is that it still fails to fully remove the second “slice” out of one of the circles… see attached image with error circled in pink. Any idea why it’s not recognizing that as an “inside” Brep area to be removed?

Did you checked my 2nd posting here? No errors are found…

Hmmm, thats strange. I just double checked and on my computer it is definitely consistently failing to remove just that one section. I just quit rhino and restarted my computer just to be sure -same problem. I’m using the file you attached… I’m running rhino for mac --5.4.2.

Note --when I open your file I get the attached message.

It also fails to remove that part of the circle when I build the same setup fresh from components in a new document… always the same part on just that one circle.

Any ideas?

Thanks for help on all this!

NOTE: I created a new topic for this problem since the original question was resolved… see: Trim with BREP fail