Creating a brep

Hi together,

i am new in grasshopper. I think i created a closed curve and want to create an brep but it doesn´t work. Can someone help me?

Thank you :slight_smile: (15.4 KB)

Before sharing a file with the world, make sure you have internalized the geometry (right click on the parameters > internalise data). I opened your file and the curve parameters that start the definition are empty.

Looks like you’re using branches without wanting to. In the sources or targets of the discontinuous wires (Display>Draw Fancy Wires must be enabled to view it) do right click > Flatten, so you pass all the data within the parameter to the same branch/list. Use panels to see what happens. GH allows you to structure the data in lists or in list of lists (data tree). Think of this as boxes that transport data, you can have a box with n elements (a list), but you can also have m boxes with n(m) elements (a data tree). Each component parameter expects to receive one of these structures (item, list or tree), and the behavior of the component depends on how you have structured the input data. Don’t worry about it if you’re just getting started, just think about the various ways to link data at the structure/organization level, as sooner or later you’ll get to the need or why GH has the misnamed data trees.

In your case, if you want to create a joined brep, first join the curves, then extrude them and then do the cap. To join the curves, all their parts have to be in the same list, because the Join curves component asks you for a list (put the cursor over the input, you will see this format: Icon Name (Nickname) as list). If you give it each part of curve in its own branch/list, the Join component understands that you are trying to join the contents of each branch/list independently. That’s why you need to organize all your curve parts in the same branch/list using Flatten.

Hi Dani,

thanks for your first help. I hope i understood all right und you could help me now :slight_smile:

Podest (21.0 KB)

You have disconnected the wires (???) and not internalized the geometry.

Oh i think now its right i hope so…

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Podest Support (1).gh (16.2 KB)

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: