Brazil:Some questions



as the attached image!
i tried all the ligth-options under brazil menu. but still stuck
tried photometric
tried rectangular area
any suggestion?


You did model the lamp and add a bulb within, right? That would take you 90% the way. Then the second, smaller and yellowish light spot would be achieved by caustics.


i think i solved only using a rectangular light and the 2brazilShadows with a little % of decay

it’s very hard to handle light menu panel.


I’ve 2 further questions about interior scene and photons, and setting of photon map and render cache radius
I know the Best choice to render an interior scene is turning​ on photon map and activate the photons emission under the menu properties of a light inside my scene
Now I’ve a doubt
The scene costs about 40 between highlight and spotlights…I must turn on photons for each light ?
In some case I used an ies file to Make better the spotlight effect to the wall… But I see this push harder the render Time(or it is only my impression?)…For example for 3 floors house…I achieved​ a 4 hours rendering Time… Too big…So I think I must optimize my light source without loss of quality.
Any suggestions are appreciated

about radius

i try to understand the meaning,reading some noob-guides of brazil but also mental ray( they are very similar)

i know their values are depending of the file-measuring unity,like MM or meter or inches etc.
but i never really understood how much must be the max research value in the photon map tab, i read this must be like a little foot inside the scene,so if i work in Meter 0.300 m?and how musk the value in the render cache tab for the radius…the start guide available in the official website speaks about wall width,but still i’ve a doubt…for the width they means the wall thickness for example 0.45 M= or the size of my room for example. 5 m x 5?

now, i want do an example of a typical settings of mine:

i’ve a room with these value expressed in meters
4x5 and 2.70 height

i usually used for the render cache radius a middle value(2.5?) between 4-5M,for the 0.10 M for AO or biggest, 0.350 for the max reseach radius in the photon map tab

is that right?or a good starting way

PS:sorry for my bad english and thank you for paying attention.