Rendered shadows too dark and Brazil confusion

In the render my shadows are to dark. I cannot find anything directly at the fora. Brazil or Neon does not work.
How can I fix this?
Making them more transparent? How?

Hi floris - I’d say you need some form of global illumination from the environment - Brazil can do this.


Sorry, but it becomes darker
Transparency option
Do I have to change some settings?

I tried also background color or ambient light, but I still cannot figure it out

Hi Floris - try checking the ‘Skylight’ box in the QMC sampler. In any case - see


First thing that won’t really fix the problem but is good to do is change the gamma setting in document properties to 2.2 from 1.

Beyond that… what sort of lighting are you using? What are the “windows” ? Is everything modeled in real life scale?

Everything is modeled in real life scale, open windows. Directional light, point light.

I will now try the gamma change (in brazil settings?)

It is now grey

I tried, maybe I have to make more time. But, it seems really difficult. Maybe you have a tip, I will continue to follow the guide you provided.

There are numerous places in Brazil to tweak gamma for various things, but I’m talking about the global rendering setting in DoucumentProperties, under the Rendering tab.

Looking at your settings above, a number of them need changes just to start. Turn off “Default Lighting,” turn ON “Direct Illumination,” and probably while you are learning turn off photons and see what you can do by brute-force upping the QMC samples and bounces, which will give you a better Neon preview since it doesn’t use photons. Photons can speed things up dramatically for scenes with a lot of indirect light, but they can take a lot of tweaking to get working properly, and you kinda need to know what “brute-force” looks like to know what you’re trying to improve upon, there are tutorials for Brazil for Max on the net that are applicable.

Well, the site I was going to point to for Brazil for Max tutorials seems to be gone. Well, if you could share the file or some more context on what you’re trying to achieve someone will be able to help…

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Us Brazil users can’t be of much help is we don’t have your file to play with.