The master of brazil

I know it s a stupid topic,but im so coriuos about your workflow and setting of this rendering engine.
in particular,my goal, is understanding thanks to all you ,how to set-up a real illumination and enerviornement.
i find on the web a topic about brazil for 3DS,dated 2007/08, and i was so surprised about the quality of the final image…
so i tried to replicate the same ambient…and try to rendering the same shot…but i was so far from the result.
i put inside this post the file of the “challenge” in 3dm format without mats. and lights .
try by yourself,to achieve the best result or a image similar to that.
example frm.3dm (7.1 MB)
this is the image:

enjoy and share your shot…and setting…

first try :slight_smile:

1 min rendering time :slight_smile:

Thank you Peter
Can you apply mats?
Wall at your left with Green plaster
The floor
The glass
A warm light
A city env.or a garden visible from the room
The final Image must be similar at the rendering attached
And share a fast how to
ops edit:
you must scale the whole model because the original unit was in M and model is not real

scale>> 2700 MM between floor and ceiling

my try
i m not completely satisfied cause i think something could be improved…but i dont understand what,i guess in the shadows appearence… in the example image i see a ligth that came better inside the room…from the ouside
any suggestions are appreciate!

my workflow

  1. i measure the smallest wall of the room,and this value with some minor changes, was putted inside the radius resample filtering(render cache tab) in this case 2500MM
    2)-3 in both min e max shade
  2. 100 MM in the end of the auto-occlusion tab
  3. inside the photon map tab,24 count mult. 200MM in the radius ,200 photon in estimate,10 diffuse dept,4 in reflected dept
  4. in the upper side of the room the only source of light is a rectangular area light with photon actived
  5. all material are glossy at95\99% starting from a default bam mat.
  6. post production using overloaded layers, using gimp and a color value to the warm orange\red
    render time ,at the final antialiasing setting, less of 10 minutes

I’m definitely not an expert on rendering or light, but it’s obvious from the shadows on the (white) wall, in the corner, that there’s an additional light source inside the room.

Shadows on the floor, see the lower left corner, shows the same, a significant light source resides inside the room, behind the camera.

// Rolf

Yes, sure…
i added a rectangular light too