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As in the attached JPG, check the individual deformation of the object in the box edit, change the Y size of the whole object to 10 mm
If you change it, you can not change the object by entering 10.

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In its current implementation, when you check for individual transformation, BoxEdit does not let you change the absolute Y-size of multiple objects; you can only change the relative (\Delta) value. So, by entering \Delta 10 in the box for the Y-size, all objects will get 10 units taller.

As Rhino 5 could do so I would like Rhino 6 to do it

I’ve also found the same issues, it would be great if this can be fixed to work as it did in R5, both in features and performance. There has been good updates on box edit since R6 was released but changing the absolute value of multiple items is still not possible as it was in R5. Also I find that whilst modifying multiple items (even hundreds) was really quick in R5, in the current version of R6 it takes quit a lot longer. Thanks!

Hello - as far as I can see, if objects are transformed individually in V5, you only get the delta, not absolute sizing.


In Rhino 5, the dialog box says delta but if you delete the \Delta in one of the entries, you can transform them to be of the same absolute value. In Rhino 6 this is not possible.

Filed as RH-47926.

Thanks for the quick reply @pascal . You could totally do it in R5 see below before and after screenshots of 3 boxes with different Z values before and same (absolute) after. @wim is right even the delta shows, if you type an absolute value all boxes will be transformed to it. It would be great if this can be brought back in R6.

Yep, thanks, I do see that.


Indeed, would be very useful if this feature (of absolute sizing instead of just relative) could be brought back! It was crucial for efficiently manipulating multiple objects…

Thank you

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I asked for the this to be addressed a while back.
It has been added to the bug pile, but I am not sure when it will be fixed.

We are using an older version of V7 before the bug was introduced. We keep that version around just to perform sizing of multiple objects at the same time. It’s it a bit cumbersome, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Happy to see someone else is missing this feature. Hope it makes it in V8.