BoxEdit : set One Axis Size how?


I have a bunch of objects of different shapes and sizes. My plan was to use BoxEdit to make them all the same dimension in Z via BoxEdit → Size tab, keeping X and Y size unaffected. Nope, can’t do it, or at least I don’t know how. As soon as I type the Delta in Z, X and Y stay @ 0 and make the objects 0 in XY. This is bad, why can’t the Size say “Varies” in each until we type a number in single axis, so only that one changes?


Hi Jarek,

I agree, that seems counter-intuitive. If transforming objects individually I’d expect the ‘delta sizes’ to remain unchanged except where I entered a new value, like you want to.

In fact that is what happened in R6, so I’d class the unwanted resizing in ‘still delta’ directions as a bug.


Yeah, this seems wrong… checking…
RH-65683 BoxEdit: size settings broken


RH-65683 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 12 Release Candidate

This solution did not fix my boxedit.

I am working in version (7.12.21299.13002, 2021-10-26) and boxedit is still not working properly.

When “transform objects individually” box is checked now when entering a value into the X or Y box it is adding that value to the current size. So say my object is 6 inches high and I want it to be 4 inches, I would normally type 4 in the Y box. However when I type 4 in the Y box now my object is 10 inches instead of 4 ( 6 + 4 = 10).

@pascal Please advise

Hi Jody - I am checking 7.12 now.
Seems correct - @Jodyh please make sure to get the most current RC (In Options > Updates and Statistics, assuming ‘Update Frequency’ iset to ‘release candidate’ poke Check Now,.


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