Resizing multiple objects

Something has changed in rhino thats makes resizing multiple objects independently more difficult.
I notice the change with the latest release and have updates to the latest RC just to be sure.

I have multiple boxes of varying widths and heights. I want to resize the boxes to a fixed height so they are all the same without affecting the width.

Before the last update I was able to accomplish this by selecting the boxes that I want to change and use BoxEdit to adjust them. With the “Transform Objects Individually” box checked, I would type the set number in the Delta Y axis that I want all the boxes to be. All the boxes would retain their original width, but all would have the same height on the X.

With the current release this is not the case. If I change the Y to specified height to 22mm, they just grow by 22mm. This has not always been the case within BoxEdit. Is this a purposeful change? If so, How do I set all the boxes to specified hight at the same time, without affecting width. I can set them individually without a problem. When I select more than one and use “Transform Object Individually”, the resizing changes in behavior. Is there another way of accomplishing with task?

I am using Mac rhino with RC Version 7 (7.12.21299.13002, 2021-10-26)

Hi Jason - this should be fixed - can you please try the very latest 7.12 release candidate?


Maybe a video may help explain. I am using the latest RC. I expected that the 22mm I input on the Y would result in all 3 boxes to be 22mm. Is this not how it should work? At least this is how it worked in past releases.

I got you now, thanks.
RH-66186 BoxEdit: incorrect sizing

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FYI… I found that 7.5 does not have this bug. Not sure what changes were made, but i’d thought i give you the version where the BoxEdit is working as it should.

We will just stay with 7.5 until a fix is implemented.