VRay 3.4 Very Unstable

I’ve been doing the first tutorial for designers and have to say, this version of VRay is the most unstable piece of software I have ever used. When it’s working it’s great but at this point in time it’s just a pretty face with no substance. I guess we are all beta testers now.

I think once all the bugs are handled it’ll be great but I would never, ever consider doing production work with it in the condition it is in.

I am so used to Rhino being rock solid stable. Must have crashed 10 times in the last hour doing exactly what the tutorial shows to do. I guess it’s time to start reporting crashes to McNeel.

I found the instability greatly diminished, if not solved by turning off GPU acceleration in ‘Progressive’ mode. No issues once it was turned off.

I do find discrepancies between the two rendering modes though. Materials can look a little different…specifically, the car paint flakes.

@PaulS If you find a scene that is unstable on GPU make sure to send it in to support@chaosgroup.com so it can be resolved if future service releases.

Here is helpful list of all the support GPU features: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAY3MAX/V-Ray+RT+Supported+Features

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Thanks Matt!