Boolean operation doesn t work in latest update for Rhino V6

Wheel.3dm (405.2 KB)

I redid the wheel and that time it worked. Odd

Hi Alexandre - it’s due to the History on the spokes in the file you posted - I’d guess that in re-doing it you did not make the array using History (?). I’ll try to figure out what we should do on the History case - I’m not sure why it does what it does, exactly…


That is correct Pascal. I disabled the history on my second try.
Personally I prefer the History command disabled when we start a project. I noticed a couple of weird things happening as I was surfacing with the History on by default and not paying attention to it.



Hi Alex - In general I would not use ‘Always record history’ as a default setting - maybe for short sessions where it makes sense and you don’t want to keep asking for it, which can be a nuisance. A handy thing might be to use the # command prefix to force history on for one command - you can make aliases or buttons that have this character for when you want to force history recording, e.g.



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Interesting, I didn t know that. Thank you Pascal