History issue in the WIP

History button [on the bottom bar] turns itself off after every command .
I have record and update on… but still it goes off after every command, why? is this by design or a bug?

now I have to remember to click it on before every step, and when I forget I loos the history link and need to redo my steps. Very very frustrating.
What am I doing wrong? in the past, when history was on, it stayed on…

thanks a lot

hi @Akash is this still an issue for you? I cannot repeat it here. What I do know is that this button behaves differently when you modify its state during a command.
If the button is off and you start a command, then turn on history, it will turn off after the command has ended. If you have no commands running, and set Record History to “Always Record History” (right click the button) it stays on.

I’ll check.
I put it on [before that post]. from the history command.
Good to know about the right click at the button in the status bar … we didn’t have that option in the old Mac UI so it is new for me.

When running _History, the “Record” checkbox should do the same as checking “Always Record History”