Record History not working properly

I am having problems with my rhino 6. Record history is set to on and it updates other commands but it does not work for objects mirrored using Mirror X and Mirror Y.

Hmm, seems to be working here with a simple test. Can you post a file with an object where Mirror X or Y are not working with history?

Simple mirror command is working correctly as usual. I mean choosing center as start of mirror plane and the objects created by that command update whenever parent object is updated. It is quite strange that Mirror X and Mirror Y are both broken here on my machine. I uploaded the file here.
The object on the left is parent.

Hello - these objects indeed have no history - remains to see how, exactly, you did the mirror -
Click Record History to make it bold
Select a box
Start Mirror,
Click YAxis
MirrorHistory.3dm (211.8 KB)


As I said, seems to be working here…

I have uninstalled my Rhino 6 and reinstalled from scratch but the problem still exits. I know I could use just mirror command but I use keyboard shortcuts for Mirror X, Mirror Y and Mirror quadruple so it’s kinda frustrating that only my machine has that problem. I hope the above video might give you some information.

Hi - that toolbar seems to be from a 3rd party plug-in. What are the command macros that are under those buttons?

Yep, appears to be RhinoGold…

Just change those keyboard shortcuts to

! _Mirror _Pause _X
! _Mirror _Pause _Y

for the first two.

Here is a script for QuadMirror that includes history recording. (999 Bytes)

And one that allows you to chose the origin point instead of being fixed at the active CPlane 0 (1.1 KB)

Store the .py script somewhere on your computer, then make your keyboard shortcut as follows:

! _-RunPythonScript "full path to file"

where full path to file is the full path to the .py script including the filename and extension.

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