Bongo video encoder frame rate issues


I’m having some trouble using Bongo’s built in video encoder. I’ve got a simple test animation thats 45 frames long, and I want to have it play over a timeframe of 3 seconds. It creates a video from my images just fine, but the option to adjust the frame rate doesn’t seem to do anything. No matter what frame rate I set it at, my finished .avi runs at 29 fps when I open it with windows media player or VLC.

I’ve done some research into using other encoding software to create video from frames (FFmpeg), but it all seems a bit over my head. What am I doing wrong?

Is there any chance you are familiar with Adobe After Effects?

I always import my sequences into AE for total control over frame rate / video size / compression / etc. Plus, I can add some sounds effects and titles easily. There are dozens of export options with the new Media Encoder that comes with the latest Creative Cloud + After Effects installation.

Here is a free video that goes step-by-step on AE exporting from my professor3d website.

I’ll certainly look into using AE and the linked video, thanks!

Still though, I’d like to figure out what’s causing the built in video encoder to do what it does.

Happy to help. One more note:

The vast majority of professionals will be rendering to a sequence of stills. They take those frames into a third-party app for better control. If you’re going to do animation fairly often, this is a fantastic technique to use … and not very hard to do.

There are three videos total at my website (scroll down) that show the full process. Look for the titles ‘Turntable Animation with Bongo.’

The reason why it doesn’t work is because Mpeg doesn’t support a frame rate of 15 fps.
If you use an unsupported setting when you create a video at the same time as you render it (in the Render Animation Window) we pop up this error message:

We should probably add that to the Video Encoder as well.

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Thank you.

When rendering an animation, there’s an option to render it so there are 15 fps. What video encoding option should be used in order to play back at 15 fps since MPEG doesn’t support it?

MPEG is the only one that doesn’t support 15 FPS, all the other available formats does.

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Thanks Marika