Render an animation based on the renderd display quite slow

Would be nice if the viewport based animation could be faster recorded. One frame per second and waiting 21 min for a 50s animation is quite slow. (frames saved as JPG) Maybe it can be optimized.



One more idea - from Enscape I know how impressive fast an animation can be calculated. It was several frames per second (!), the calculation wasn’t visible frame by frame, it was running. Couldn’t this goal? :wink:

I’ve noticed this as well. I’m not sure the source but I’ll look into it. Here’s the YouTrack I’ve logged for it.

Hi @Joshua_Kennedy,

during the creation of an animation I need to sent previews to my client to check the movements and timings. From Enscape I know that an animation can be calculated with a few minutes or seconds. I suppose so on reason for the high speed of Enscape is that no frames are written to the harddisk, only the final mp4. So, it could be possible to get a direct movie output for Bongo 3 too? Today I need to wait more than 20min for a simple preview and it would be great to get it in 1min instead.

What do you think?


Maybe, but I don’t know if that’s the source the slowdown. I’m guessing probably not. The idea of the video encoder running in a separate application instead of inside Rhino/Bongo was so Rhino could then still be used while encoding. I’ll look more into the issue and see if I can find some improvements.

I don’t mean the encoder is the problem. The problem is taking a “screenshot” and saving it frame by frame is to slow. Maybe two ways could be a solution - screenshots to the RAM (and later mp4 creation) or faster saving to the harddisk.

I’ll look into that as a possible solution. I also updated the issue with your suggestion.

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