Video Encoder - File not found or invalid sequence

in “Bongo Render Animation” dialog box
you have the opportunity to select just some frames instead of all (“Active time segment”),
but then, if you have ticked “Create video file”, you will get the following message:
Video Encoder - File not found or invalid sequence

Thanks to make it coherent:
disable “Video output” if “Active time segment” is not selected
or make “Video output” works in all cases


We’ll have a look at this and get it fixed.

In general we don’t recommend that you create the video file at the same time as you render out the single frames.


I AGREE with Marika. I’ve found that rendering out to discrete frames and compiling AFTERWARD to be a FAR more successful workflow. In the past, I’ve experimented with other compilers, but I must say that since RH-4/BO-1’s last service release, I’ve been happier with the BONGO Frame Compiler than any other I’ve used. Ok, Its only been a few others, but within its limits, I’ve had great success with BONGO’s product.

Good luck and post back with results ?

Thanks -

When testing the video (generating just some frames), the integrated “video output” is fast to use ; so, as it is there, let’s make it working.
When assembling the final video, I get good result with MovieMaker. It lets you to synchronize the video and the sound track but, between the preview (and prelisten) in MovieMaket and the rendered video by MovieMaker, I get a lag of 0.7second ! :frowning: I can manage it but if you can advice me a simple editing software video that you have successfully tested, I would be interested.

Alan -
VERY good point ! As long as its available, it might as well work right ! AND you get a quicker look at the results, without having to drop outside and recompile. Still, if you’re CLOSE to results, you may want to also select the option to also render to discrete frames. -

  1. I OFTEN use extracted frames as stills in reports by Engineers, that accompany the animations, with the added benefit of the stills being the exact same size as the animation. This is good for PPT stills, etc.
  2. This also allows you to compile with variations like frame rates, etc. EX: I have a colleage that SWEARS by 3DS, and rightfully so. HOWEVER, he just COULD NOT get his animation files to run smoothly, and it had nothing to do with low frame rates. He tried 25 and 30 fps, and just couldn’t get there. I had him render out to discrete frames (I like jpg’s, your favorite flavor may differ …) and was able to use my RHINO Frame Compiler to get him a result he could USE !

I too like WMM. I’m NO fan of the"Windows Live" flavor, preferring instead the basic WMM. The latest versions have all of the transitions I could ask for, and the output is EXCELLENT !

Good Luck !


On the video editing software, I had the SAME problems you mention, and was forced to go to CAMTASIA. Not cheap, but then I earn my living this way, so …

However, outputting to WMV, for frame rates, I am stuck with the presets - 30 fps for high quality image, 15 fps for top quality image. I’ve spoken with them and there’s no way to vary from the presets. They blame it on MS and licensing access to WMV developer modules. Oh well.

They suggest MP4 and I’m going to look into that as a Windows-wide standard format. I’m interested in integrating the animations into reports and presentations, and have had complete success up 'til now sticking with wmv, but who knows …

Good luck on your selection. Post back and let us know your selection and how it went ?

Tks -

The best app I have ever used for compiling frames is Adobe After Effects.

You bring in a sequence and it will play instantly as a full speed animation. You can then add in text-titles, still frames, music, etc and make a VERY nice presentation. Even better, its got some of the the best video export options in the business. I recommend and use H.264 / MP4 for maximum compatibility on both local playback and video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.