Bongo video encoder — colour management / white balance issue

I seem to be having an issue with the colour of white background when rendering a Bongo animation video.
The plain white background always has this green tinge. Individual png frames look to be perfect.

I don’t have time to encode the frames using a dedicated video encoder. I am using just the default mp4 encoder within Bongo. I think it works great, except for this issue.

I have attached a screen shot of the video thumbnails vs the animation frames. Will upload a video a bit later on…

Here’s what I’m talking about.
By the time the final video is done in Premiere Pro, see how green it looks?



I’m not able to reproduce this.
Any chance you’d be able to send me the file so that we can have a look?
You can send it using this page:
put me in as the recipient.

The vimeo background gris reads as 230/232/229. The youtube one as 232/232/232.

The youtube bg is perfectly gray. Vimeo is messing it up.

You should check your system’s calibration on youtube’s case.

Sorry for the lengthy delay, I have lots on my plate at the moment.
I will do that right now.

Best to use avi for this…

I have previously avoided avi as the file size is too big and/or data rates are too high.
Sometimes it can take 6+ hours for videos to encode, and my external HDD cannot read data fast enough anyway (with Adobe software at least).

But for this application, the video was encoded rather quickly with avi, much faster than I was expecting, in a matter of 30 seconds for HD resolution. And also the total file size was only 5Mb. So The background is now perfectly white — I’m quite impressed!