Bongo Animation: sending object transformation info only?


at the moment I’m testing Octane for animation use, because the render times in ambient occlusion mode are short and the image quality is very nice. But there is a limit: the time to reload the geometry from frame to frame. I think and hope, that there can be something done. It looks like the first steps need to be done from the McNeel team. Finally all render engines could profit by a quicker information transport.

Could it be possible to send the object transformation info only? So, the object could keeped in RAM/VRAM and needs to be moved there only. Only a few infos would be needed - where is a object placed and how is it turned/scaled. Maybe Andy can help here.

Here a quote from the Octane forum.

[quote=“face_off”][quote]No, not rendering 30 fps, but moving geometry without to wait for a reload of the parts of the scene, that’s my dream. Like I wrote my current animation test scene needs approx. 10 s to reload the geometry for the next frame. If I would buy some graphic cards than the render time per frame could be faster the loading time. So, bring the loading time down to real time interaction should be a big goal of Octane.[/quote]I don’t think Rhino is designed for this type of thing. It’s a modelling app, not an animation app. Something like modo, LW, C4D, Maya, 3ds max will be more capable of this sort of animation control.



It is already possible. Paul knows how to do it i believe. And its possible in all versions of Bongo.

OK, back to Paul. :smile:

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Hi Andy - the current Octane animation exporter (for Bongo) takes the approach of loading meshes each frame - since then the plugin does not need to interface with the Bongo API. At the moment I can only see how to get (non-block instance) mesh geometry from RhinoCommon in world space - there doesn’t appear to be a way to get local space coordinates and then get the transform. Are mesh transforms available from RhinoCommon pls?




No - there’s no RhinoCommon Bongo SDK. You’d have to wrap the Bongo C++ SDK yourself.

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So, will it be possible to see a transformation data based animation in the next time? Or is much to difficult to implement? If yes, could the McNeel team do something?

I ask this because Pauls says, Rhino is the limit, Andy say, it’s possible. As user I says, the current Octane animation is quite limited - loading times can be longer than render time and motion blur isn’t really usable for medium/high complex models. Maybe there is a chance to get both team together to provide a better animation support.

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Micha - I am reluctant to undertake the work required to write a C# wrapper for the C++ Bongo SDK. Firstly, it’s going to take a lot of time (for something with only 2 users of the Octane plugin so far have requested), and secondly, this is really a job for the Rhino/Bongo dev team.

To be clear, Andy is saying that it is not possible for the Octane plugin to obtain object transforms via the RhinoCommon C# API (which the Octane plugin uses). The transforms are only available from the Bongo C++ API.