Octane and Bongo - scene update is extrem slow


I installed the demo of Octane for Rhino and tried to get a Bongo animation working. It looks like updating Octane from frame to frame is horrible slow. I set the live updating option at “all meshes live” since I want to see the animated objects, not only a camera movement. Is it right?


Does setting the Kernel>Max Samples to something really low like 10 help as a test? I’m wondering if the delay you see is based on the number of samples calculating in combination with the number of objects with live update.

If that doesn’t help, can you post a sample file that shows the issue? I bet @pkinnane and @andy would need to see it to help more.

I suppose so the issue is that after objects are moved the whole scene is exported to the Octane engine. Moving the camera is quick done, because only the camera position is updated at Octane. I think it’s a general animation-render engine problem. In this case the internal reexport to Octane needs approx. one minute or longer. That’s hard, since it could be longer than the render time per frame.
What we need is a quick communication of the position of the objects without to export the whole scene. I know this kind of delay from Vray RT.

Do you know how many triangles there are in the scene? (Open the OctaneRender Viewport, and the statistics at the bottom will tell you).

If you have “All Meshes Live”, then every mesh in the scene will be reloaded every frame of the animation. To test, set all meshes NOT live, and see if the load time is quick. If so, then manually set the specific meshes you need live via the checkbox in the Geometry tab of the plugin.

And as Brain suggestions - until you do the final render, use a small value for Max Samples to it only takes a few seconds to render (I usually use 20-100 samples depending on the scene).

Hope that helps.


That’s helps a lot to get down the load times between the frames. Now I converted all geometry to meshes and joined meshes of the same material, so that there are a few objects to move only.