Big wish: access mesh transforms from RhinoCommon

Continuing the discussion from Octane scene loading:

Hi Andy,

please help Paul to get the mesh transformation data. The future is real time rendering by the different render engines - Octane, Vray RT … . A quick update of the scene geometry is necessary to avoid wasting much time. The time you spend to implement it will be invest in the future. It would be a big step forward and help to keep Rhino in the game.



The reality is that there is no mesh transform data. Building that into Rhino would be a major undertaking - it’s not going to happen for V6 I’m afraid.

  • Andy

OK, I understand. Could be great to see it in the future.

For now I found that the longest scene loading times appears per Bongo and Rhino frame buffer (Octane rendering). Vray RT and Octane direct used with own output is much faster - 20s vs. 3s. Maybe you could help Paul to get the full speed of Octane also per Bongo+RhinoFramebuffer. My render times are approx. 20s per frame, so bringing the loading time down to 3s would be a big step forward.