Bongo Animation Example

Hi Everyone,

Finally, I’m able to show a work example, as my client has released it to the public. Anyway, everything modelled in Rhino, animated in Bongo, and rendered in Octane for Rhino.


Remember there a site who longs for uploads of user’s projects and realizations:

Looks great. Did you render it in the Standalone?

Hi Luc,
I just signed up on the Bongo site, so I’m awaiting approval before I can upload, but I’ll upload the video once I’m approved.

Hi Micha,

No, not for this one. The load time was pretty quick, so I didn’t fool with exporting to stand alone. I’ve got an architectural animation to do in the next few weeks, and I’ll definitely be using the Stand alone for that because of the load time.

I’m really hoping in Rhino V6 that rendering plugins won’t need to reload every single frame for an animation. Sounds like there’s hope because of the work Nathan has done with integrating Cycles. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I’m curious too, since loading times can be slower than the render time. Workaround: start several Rhino tasks and disable “overwrite exist files”. It helps alot for Octane, since the GPU isn’t used at 100%. It’s using 70…80% plus the loading time gaps. So you could half your render time.

GREAT tip, thanks Micha!