Programs to render compatible with Bongo2

Good evening to everyone,
I am currently rendering video animations made with Rhino5 + Bongo2 + VRay3.6 but I am finding some difficulties.
So I have a simple question: of course I have already checked the compatible render engines, but I was wondering if it was possible to export the animated geometries from Rhino + Bongo to other softwares like 3ds Max. Can someone help me?

Thanks everyone in advance,

Exporting Bongo animations is not currently possible. We really really really need animation import/export functionality.

I think this might be available in Bongo 3? All I’ve heard is that “it’s in the wish list”. I have no idea when (or if at this point) Bongo 3 will come out.


Bongo with Octane Render for Rhino works quite well, if you need a Rhino-based solution…

We don’t think it works well at all, when we have heavy scenes and geometry needs to re-cache every frame. Pushing rendertime to 5-25X the actual GPU rendering passes times.

Well, yes was probably over-praising there a little… Should read work-a-b-l-e.

In fact, now I think about it, must be something like a couple of years since I last used my copy of Bongo. That, for me, is largely down to usability.

And .Net SDK / Grasshopper support. Then life would be easy and snappy, and happy ever after.

// Rolf