Bongo and Octane? (yes)

Will Bongo work with the Octane plugin?

I don’t know for sure but I doubt it. Octane is a “real time” viewport rendering tool. I don’t know if there is a way to let viewport “cook” then save it as an image frame or not.

Thanks John,

After a little searching, I found this that seems to suggest Octane can work: Bongo and Octane: Motion and Camera Blur?

Octane perfectly works with Bongo.
i do it all the time.

i’d rather say, Octane + Bongo is the best combo to do animation with Rhino

Thanks Imai,

I did some animation tests for a project that never started. I was not so happy about the long load time between the frames. So, I must say, Octane works well for light scenes here. But a real time engine should work with real time object manipulation at the graphic card memory.

The object motion blur feature isn’t so nice like at the advertisement. So far I remember me a lot of geometry needs to be exported to the standalone. Works well for light scenes with boxes and spheres. For my animation it was not usable.

It is so true.
The best workflow is to export the entire animation as ORBX and render if with standalone.
Thus there is never a load time each frame.

I don’t used Octane the last months - ORBX means the scene is saved to the hard disk for each frame, right? For example a 100MB scene for a 40s animation it would be 1000 frames -> 100 GB.

it’s not like that in my case.
when exporting entire animation to ORBX, Octane for Rhino does pretty good job sorting out.
so if your scene is 100MB, it creates an .orbx file which is lesss than 1MB, .abc file that is also less than 1MB, and bunch of mesh files in .obj format that will be close to 100MB, and that’s it.
it doesn’t even embed the texture file, so your exported files will be reasonable size.

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I give it a new try. The exported file size was smaller than expected, but the export time was approx. 1 hour. Also the Bongo ticks seems to be interpreted as frames. My Bono animation is 55 ticks based on 25 f per tick. At Octane standalone I see 55 frames only. Will this work? Maybe the *.abc file size of 200 MB isn’t bigger, because it contain 55 instead 1375 frames.

Interesting. Yes octane thinks 1 tick is a frame. I personally have never tried to have multiple frames in one tick.

One trick I found to speed up the export process is;

  1. try to make blocks in rhino as much as you can.
  2. export each block as ORBX.
  3. use proxy for all blocks and link them to each corresponding ORBX, so that Octane render loads ORBXs instead of Rhino models when exporting.

This speeded up my export time radically.

Thank you for the suggestion. Also could help to keep the export file small.