Blocks in Layouts crashing sometimes


ok, blocks in layouts are visible again, BUT now rhino wip crashes nearly all the time i use blocks in layouts. especially when i try to use the block manager - guaranteed crash. :cry:

I’m going to need some specifics to repeat this crash and get it fixed.

I made a title block, started a new file, drew some parts, and make a layout.
I added a couple details and inserted the title block I made in the other file.
No crash.
Opened the block manager.
No crash.

What do I do to make this crash?

i recomposed the block i was working with and could get it done without crashes.
since the blocks are all set now, it’s not an critical problem for me right now.
i also can’t reproduce this crash with a new and simple test file i just set up for this.

before it mostly occurred when i used the insert-block button from this toolbar:

now i see that the file i’m working on is again crashing, when i want to insert the block on a new layout page. really weird, because it had worked before.

does sending those error reports actually help you in any way?

Absolutely it helps, but to fix a problem we have to be able to duplicate it.

So if Rhino crashes when you use the icon, does it crash when you type Insert of call Insert from a pull-down menu?

Are the blocks you’re inserting to the Layout space old files or new V6 files? Does it make any difference?

i really confused at the moment. cause right now it works again without crashes.

the whole file is created with rhino wip, so it’s a V6 file.
as soon as i run into this kind of crash again i’ll try your suggestions

When Rhino crashes, is the crash reporting system coming up and are you filling it out and sending it in?

most of the time he crash report system comes up, yes.
but some times it doesen’t, not quite sure -> EDIT: no, report does indeed come up all the time it crashes.

i always send it. sometimes i explain it. just sent the report a few more times.

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I just got the crash report; thanks! I’ll try to look into this soon.