Blocks in layouts are invisible


Good morning,

In the attached file, the title block (inserted as a block instance) in layout ‘1’ is invisible. If exploded as in layout ‘2’, it becomes visible.

Blocks in Layout.3dm (1.1 MB)

Blocks in Layouts crashing sometimes

Same here.
I have to explode the blocks in my title blocks before I print in V6. Otherwise they disappear.

(Lowell Walmsley) #3

Thanks for the reports. There are a couple of bug reports about this on file.


Just FYI. R5 blocks are still invisible in layout and model space (except text and hatches).

(Brian Gillespie) #5

Logged as RH-36315.

(Brian Gillespie) #6

RH-36315 is fixed in the latest WIP


today I wanted to make a layout and insert frame and datafield as blocks - invisible. exactly like described above. i have the latest wip (2017 MAY 23)

also the print preview makes rhino crash most of the time and it also shows stuff that shouldn’t be there.

(Steve Baer) #8

Block display in layouts is broken in the current WIP. I have already fixed this in our internal builds and you should see the fix in the next WIP that is released (hopefully today).


i have version 6.0.17150.8211, 30.05.2017 and the problem with the blocks is still there.

(Steve Baer) #10

Do you have a sample file I could see? I must be missing a case where this coild occur.


yes :slight_smile:

sample_file.3dm (341.9 KB)


just installed the new wip - seems to work fine again.
just in time, need to finish this :cold_sweat:

(John Brock) #13

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(Steve Baer) #14

I see that the test looks incorrect in the detail viewport in this model. Is this the bug that you are referring to?



yes in the detail view and in the normal viewport the objects that are assigned to turned off layers are still visible.


(Mary Ann Fugier) #17

Hi Markus,
'yes in the detail view and in the normal viewport the objects that are assigned to turned off layers are still visible."
I am unable to duplicate this.
I am using an internal build of Rhino 6 wip 2017-6-5, so you many want to test this in the next public build to be sure.

In detail viewport, if I turn off the layers in the details, they are no longer visible.
In model and detail viewports, if I turn off the layers global, objects are no longer visible.

It would really help us to get a model and procedure to duplicate this issue.
Thanks for testing.
Mary Ann Fugier


Hi Mary,

i just downloaded the new build. It`s working now, no more error with the visibility of blocks so far :thumbsup:


(Mary Ann Fugier) #19

Hi Markus,
Great to hear.
Thanks for letting us know.

Let us know if you run into any additional issue while testing Rhino 6 WIP.
Mary Ann Fugier