Blocks and textures

I am having problems with blocks and textures.

If I create block A with the appropriate texture MAPPING parameters then duplicate, explode it to tweak it and create block B and then I apply the same MAPPING parameters as block A the textures don’t line up. They are off.

Only way for this to work or the textures to align is to explode both, apply same textures parameters, then make block a and then block b

Additionally when the block is closed (made) the textures appear one way and when I block edit the textures change.

Crazy Stuff

Any ideas

block texture.3dm (385.3 KB)

I have attached the 3dm file. Does that mean this is a bug and will fixed? or just do the work around?


Can you post your 3dm with the two blocks please? Also, are you assigning the texture mapping by object Properties prior to blocking or during a block edit? Or is the texture mapping being specified within the material’s texture settings? I’ve tried to mock up a scenario like you described but I think I’m missing some details.

My only guess so far is that the mapping is set within the material texture as WCS so the block positions in world coordinate space are the reason the mapping changes.

Actually this is an old bug ported from Rhino 5.

Like this example. Texture mapping is applied to the object and then its “blocked”. If I import this block into a model the texture shifts:

Can you post that file please before the export and import? I’m unable to reproduce what you described.

This file shows the problem here on my system
Oven.3dm (135.1 KB)

greetins, Tobias

Thanks, I see the issue now and I believe I found the bug on file I’ve nudged it and it may indeed be the original issue posted here so thanks for bringing it up.

In short, the issue appears to be that primitive mappings (e.g. Planar, Box etc.) don’t stay with blocks if the block is moved outside of the block editor such as when importing the block to a new location in the scene. The only workaround I can see is to use by surface mapping or create a custom unwrap which will replace the surface UVs.

FYI @DavidEranen

My workaround in the past was to work with meshes instead NURBS and apply a needed mapping, export the mesh object as obj and reimport. So, the mesh coordinates are “burned in” in the mesh and can’t be lost anymore.

Is there an ETA on fixing this problem? I really need this to be addressed.