Block textures and ws files mis-mapping textures

Currently when I open a block that is inserted into a file or a worksession with blocks all the textures are not mapped correctly to the objects or simply don’t show. If open the original block file the textures are displayed correctly. Maybe it’s a path file error? But I found if I open the original file all textures are displayed correctly.
Let me know who I can send the files to, Im revisiting older files (v4 so maybe that’s part of the cause)
Notice in the attached image the file open preview is correct but the file mis-maps the textures when opened.
Thanks in advance for any help,

Hi Roland - is this specific to a file or files, or what you see in general? In any case, an example, with external files and images would be helpful - please zip and send via, to my attention, and with a link back here as well, please, in your comments.


Hi Pascal,
Yes to specific files but it seems to be happening in general to any blocks or ws files that contain blocks.
I’ll dig deeper and send you the files as well.
Thanks for your quick reply,