Mapping coordinates in blocks don't stay relative to the objects

This has been an issue since I don’t know how long, but it must be years, and I’ve reported it before, but could work around it in most cases. Now I cannot go around blocks for a particular rendering, otherwise the file would be come incredibly large and slow.
When converting an object to a block , the texture coordinates don’t stay relative to the objects. This makes the usage of blocks for renderings virtually useless. As soon as you edit a block in place, the texture moves.

Hi Gijs,

I’m not sure when this was last reported but I made a simple case that shows what you describe and have filed it as RH-24425 for future reference. Thanks for the nudge.

The only work around I found was to create the initial block with a base point of zero and then copy that block to another location. Then only edit the original block using the in place block editor to update the copied block instance. I know this isn’t ideal but it may help in the meantime.

Bump. I have the exact same problem in Rhino 6.

When I double click the block that was created and moved the texture mapping goes back to normal. When I leave the block editor the texture is misaligned again.