BlockEdit - undo oddity

Don’t know if this has already been reported, but I stumbled on an odd BlockEdit bug this morning concerning Undo. I have a file with with lots of instances of one tree block that contains lines in the form of a tree and a center point. What I want to do is replace the lines with a simple circle around the center point.

I do this with block edit, first removing the lines and adding the circle. That works fine, it updates all the other instances of the block and leaves me with all the lines from the one copy of the tree I edited (I don’t really need those in this case, but OK).

Now, I realize I made a mistake, so I hit Undo to undo the block edit operation. All the instances return to their former state - good - but however the lines which represent what I removed from the edited block are still there. They don’t get undone. Not only that - it seems they are simply not in the undo stack, as I can undo all the way to the beginning of the file but they do not disappear…

For me that’s buggy behavior.

Hi Mitch - thanks, I see that.
RH-63850 BlockEdit: Undo misses a step