Block element from rhino to revit

Hi guys, i have a very simple script that reads closed curves in rhino and import those as native ceiling elements in revit. BUT i would like to use blocks, to be able to update patters fast. What node should i use instead?

Hi Lavi Lavi,

Use the Elefront Reference Block by Name & Block Deconstruct if i’m understanding correctly.

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it worked! thank you so much! one more newbie question, what node is the one that shows the list of blocks and polylines?

the text Panel? You can double click in the GH canvas and type Panel, or use //, or " before hitting enter. So a blank panel would be // then hit enter, or //myTextValue then hit enter.

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Two major things about Text Panels

  1. They convert floating numbers to text, never pass a number through a Text Panel to a component like this.

  1. Passing large amounts of single line Data into a Panel may overload it, use to look at outputs and then remove when done with larger data sets.
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