Blending/Capping Lofts [Part 2]

There already is a great thread regarding the topic of continuously capping irregular shapes:

There are some great methods mentioned, but there are two things that I am looking for:

A method that works in Grasshopper and that works with curved lofts as well - as can be seen in the screenshot.

I already tried extracting Iso-Curves in Grasshopper and somehow blending them to a given point and then creating a network surface, but the results are not usable:

Also, the created Network surface does not match up with the input base curve and edge of the main surface.

Are there better approaches to achieving continuous caps in GH? Or maybe better ways of implementing Surface Blends (a Brep.CreateBlendSurface Method is available, maybe that can be implemented in C#? )

Any help is appreciated!

Blend_Cap.3dm (3.5 MB)

In Rhino you created blend from two surfaces but in Grasshopper you want create it from one surface.
I create this long time ago but look that the edge is flipped with your example, i don’t know if there is an option to fix it.

brep (131.9 KB)

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Thank you @anon39580149! Exactly what I was looking for… The resulting shape is somehow twisted. Normally one would think that changing rev0 and rev1 values should do the job, but it does not work.

Any ideas on why this is the case?

I don’t know what is the problem, i tested it before with separated surfaces, maybe in this case it is limited.

Interesting… Shouldn’t it behave the same way Rhino does with the same inputs?