Rounded ends for Sweep1 object

Hi! I’m trying to create an “organic” looking furniture. I’m using Sweep1, and getting this result:

How can I go about makind the ends rounded instead of being cut at the last cross section curve?
Back in the day I used T-Splines, but I can’t even remember how I did that…
Fillet edge of course doesn’t work.

bench.3dm (396.9 KB)

Hey @jajandio,

just posted about a similar issue yesterday (doing the same thing with Grasshopper):

In thread you’ll probably find what you are looking for (probably BlendSrf of two halves of the surface):

Hello - is something like this about what you are looking for?


Hi Pascal! that’s using Patch right? That’s near what I want, but I would want it to be more exagerated.
The BlendSrf method that Rudi mentioned here Quickly Capping Pipes would be perfect, but I can’t get it to work

Thanks for this! lot’s of methods, I’ll see if I can get one of them to work

Hello - yeah, there is quite a lot of leeway -

The idea is you make your sweep from cross sections that are single splines, all the same, resulting in a simple editable surface - then you can round the ends by setting all the points - the entire ‘ring’ at the end to the middle of the next ring of points. i.e. collpase these to a single point. You can do quite a bit of iterative editing until you like what you see, and the ends will stay smooth as long as the sigularity stays in plane with the next ring of points.
bench_Maybe.3dm (152.2 KB)


Thanks a lot pascal, that’s perfect!
What method did you used to make my cross sections single splines?
Also, I’ve opened the file you attached but I don’t see the points you used to generate that closed surface. If I do a sweep1 with the curves in the files, I get an open ended surface… then what did you do?
Thank a lot for your time!

Hello - to make this trick work:

  1. It is much better if the sweep is a single surface, not a polysurface, though you could manage with a polysurface, it would be more painful. So, make all the curves the same single spline - you can get away with this because your shape is soft and organic. What I did was look at the most complex shape - the two middle curves. I exploded these and found that the main part of the shape was a single spline. I used `ContinueCurve1 to keep drawing that curve to match the segments in the original.
    When that looked correct, I copied it to the second location. Then, I selected the two end curves and used Rebuild > Select master curve and selected the curve I had ‘fixed’ Now all curves have exactly the same structure. Sweep1 makes a single, relatively simple, surface.

  2. To close the ends, turn on control points for the surface. Select a ring of points at one end. Start SetPt > X,Y,Z and snap to a location in the middle of the next ring of points - the Point and Between Osnaps can be used here. The ring of points will collapse to a ‘singularity’ in place with the second ring of points. Now, to make adjustments, move points around but just make sure that second ring of points stays planar and the singularity says in that plane, some place in the middle of the ring.