Blend Surface in Grasshopper

Hi there.
This might be very easy, but I could not find a solution.
Is there a blendsrf in GH?
How to blend to surfaces in Grasshopper?
Please see the


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Right now, there are various Rhino commands that have no equivalent in Grasshopper. You could try the plugin Flexibility, because it has many of these commands.


that’s alot of tools :sweat_smile: :beers:

I’m not a fan of redundancy though:

Not sure why different developers would have the same tools…

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I’m trying to use Blend Surface from flexibility. Great add on by the way.

The use case is a blend surface between the ends of 2 cylinders. Like a fancy loft with either tangency or curvature.

Flexibility creates the blends well. It looks great; then I try to join the breps and they won’t join

When I bake the geometry, Rhino won’t join the breps either. But when I re-create the blend surfaces using the normal rhino commands with the same settings, the geometry looks identical and successfully joins into a polysurface. Any idea why the gh created geometry would have a different join behavior than the rhino geometry?

Hi can you send that (*.gh )?to test and find bug?

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