Blend surface

Hello, I am trying to make little “wave peaks” on this file, and I can not get blend surface command to blend the two surfaces together. my order of thought was to make the two surfaces that intersect, pipe the intersection, split the two, delete unnecessary parts, then blendsrf the two together. what am I missing? Thank you
waves 001.3dm (925.6 KB)

Hello - is the attached something like what you want?
waves 001_Maybe.3dm (149.6 KB)


Yes, more or less that is the same outcome I am looking for. I tried to merge your surfaces together, but it said it was out of tolerances. First, did you just cut a square hole and do a 2 rail sweep to get that surface? If I want to make it into a single surface when done, no bad edges, what needs to be done to merge the two?

Thanks Kevin

Do you need single surface or would a polysurface be sufficient?

To merge surfaces the coincident edges must be untrimmed edges and coincide along their full lengths.

A polysurface would be sufficient. I did like how I believe Pascal did his version, cut out a rectangular box, then a 2 rail sweep. It worked to my needs except on the two that show naked edges. I modified the rectangle on those two, not being careful to keep a true rectangle with right angles and parallel sides. Is that why it is giving me the naked edges? (Those two are also the only two that the “crest” was made with a compound curve)

The file is “good enough” for me to mill it, but it will bug me to have the errors left in it.


Thanks for your input

What did you use for the first and last cross sections? Did you use the trimmed edges of the rectangular cut-out? If so try using the “Preserve first cross section” and “Preserve last cross section” options in Sweep2.

Hi Kevin - see if this file helps…

waves 001_Maybe_Steps.3dm (158.7 KB)


David, for the first and last cross sections, I used
dupedge,split with the arc,drew in the center curve profile I wanted, then ran sweep 2 rails with those three curves. I will look into the preserve first and last cross section link you sent. Thank you