How could I merge this two shapes?

Hi everyone,

I am tryin to make a unique surface with this two elements, with the same flow, but i am not being able to do it bi anyway, tried to merge it but it wont go, and if I just connect the dots it won’t look good aswell. I want to connect the redline with the blue line, make it like a unit.

I am sending the file, so it could help.


duvida.3dm (476.8 KB)

anyone able to help???

I can see a few different possible outcomes here so I’m not sure exactly what result you’re looking for but here’s one approach. First your strips are polysurfaces so use ExtractSrf to get just one surface for each. Then Split by isocurve to make the strip(s) shorter. This will give you more room to use BlendSrf and have the result look smooth. I used SplitEdge and End Osnaps from the shorter strip surfaces to split the edge of the large surface we’re blending into. Then BlendSrf to span the gaps. duvida_bjames.3dm (432.8 KB)