Surface blend


Basically, I want to design a continuous surface that can function in different ways but unfortunately, I can only do it part by part and then blend the different parts of surface together which looks really wonky and not smooth, as shown from the pic attached. Is there a way to blend each part of surface seamlessly without seeing the seam in between them (it has to be roughly in that shape as shown in the image)? Please have a look at the rhino file and image, anyone can help would be much appreicated! Cheers.

Surface blend.3dm (589.5 KB)

Hello - it’s a little hard to guess what surfaces you’re asking about but possibly this?

Surface blend_PG.3dm (402.1 KB)


Hi Pascal,

Thank you so much! That’s what am looking for, may I know how did you do it? I have got other parts of the surface that needs to seamlessly blend like this. I have got a followed up question, once I got the surface I need to make it solid into a floor plate, but when I offset the surface I got the little kink bulged up (see images circled), is there a way to fix this? Please have a look at the rhino file, thanks!

Surface blend_PG_update.3dm (11.2 MB)

well the imput surfaces are pretty messy, the offset will be a mess too. I would sugest to work with simpler surfaces, fewer control points and adjust them en each case.

Hello - I used ShrinkTrimmedSrf on the upper surface and thenMatchSrf` from that to the surface below, matching for curvature.
Note offsetting that upper surface ‘outward’ is likely to be messy due to te very tight radii where it has ‘waves’. You will not be able to offset very far before getting self-intersections.